Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vincent Tanner

Vincent Tanner 244705
PO Box 9900
Boscobel, Wi 53805
rough, quick summary of introduction.
47, 5'8 190lbs, Biracial Mexican Black, 4 children , charge: burglary in 2008.; release date 2014

“since being here I noticed that the Doc staff try to make your time hard instead of just letting you do your time; they write bogus conduct reports and lie on them all the time. .. After being in DOC for a year I was sent here to WSPF to do a 360 which is a year in segregation. did my 360 , then I was placed on AC ( Administrative confinement)which they can keep you on for as long as they want..”
Vincent tells of WSPF refusal to let him do program that would allow him to get to general and rule violations by health care staff. They are, for , example supposed to by law do wellness rounds in the segregation cells and that never happens.
”I spend my time fighting the administration trying to get things right but I need help from the public because after all , it's your tax dollars that they're misusing, they're lying to the public about s a program that doesn't work, and they are just pocketing the money because the program is false. They have us doing booklets that they run off copies. Answering questions about our families, anger and personal things that has nothing to do with the behavioral problems or issues. His A/C program is bogus. People need to know.
Everybody in here aren't bad people just made bad choices, which we are paying the price dearly for moire that the public know we're dealing with racism everyday in here from all the DOC staff. We're lied on and lied to, locked on our cells 23 hours a day. …(details of treatment , conduct reports).

I just want something to be done about it..because we don't deserve to be treated like we are being treated in here. I would like to share one last thing about me. I cut and do hair by trade; I'm a people person and I'm honest and loyal. Loyalty means a lot to me!

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  1. Pen Palling especially among inmates is a very important socialization tool.