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Here are the first few postings for our penpal club. These and a few pother will will keep posting regularly and we keep linking the blog on the facebook. Meanwhile you are invited to comment anonymously on the blog or send a prisoners a nurturing card or letter. You can use FFUP’s return address and be anonymous, sign “a friend”, or you could take the plunge and begin a correspondence. Use our address if you wish to send a card: FFUP 29631
 Wild Rose Drive Blue River, Wi 53518

 Jimmy Johnson 328433
 PO box 19033
 Green Bay, WI 54307 Jimmy Johnson claims innocence and wants to tell his story. We have set an application for assistance to the Wisconsin Innocence project (WIP-University Wisconsin Law school) and here are saasking those interested to read his story and send him a note of support
to Jummy's post- -
his innocence application will be coming

Jerome Berry 124154
PO Box 109033
 Green Bay, WI 54307
This man will be getting out of prison on September 25th after 6 years in prison. He describes in eloquently here what it is like to be in prison and that he will be leaving the prison with no support. FFUP has offered to donate clothes to him from our local thrift shop and we give releasees list of resources for the city they will be released to , but it is sad scene . We will ask him to keep submitting his story after he leaves prison. Supported need now for his long journey ahead. Remember you can send a  note using FFUPs's return address (so you will not have to give him your contact info)or comment on this blog and we will get the message to him
his post:
Ron Schroeder 528682
PO Box 282
Plymouth, WI 53073

Ron Schroeder will be release in October “untreated and penniless. ” He has been preparing for release by studying law and here explains his situation for thousands of prisoners. We are offering him a blog where he can write his ongoing story hoping this will encourage him and also help educate all . Please send this man a note – either in the comment section on his post here or via the mail. You can use FFUP return address and keep you identity private: 29631 Wild rose Drive, Blue River WI 53518. his post:

Vincent Tanner 244705
PO Box 9900
 Boscobel, WI 53805
Vincent is 47, Biracial (Mexican and Black) and in administrative confinement in the Wisconisin Supermax, now called WSPF. Here he goes onto detail about ongoing abuses. The story needs to be heard and he needs to know someone cares. to vincent Tanner's post:

Timothy Crowley 243754-A
 PO Box19033
Green Bay, WI 54307
  Timpothy tries really hard with almost no tools. He is perpetually in solitary, is deaf and is going blind and is mentally ill . . FFUP and WI Disability Rights have been trying get the Hadley School for the Deaf free Braille program to him unsuccessfully. He is not even allowed his long underwear at this time . His condition of confinement are a testament both to the human capacity for endurance and to the phenomenal level of abuse in our system
to his post:

Jeffrey Davis Jr 353560 CCI; PO Box 900; Portage , WI 53901 Jeffrey is asking for support as he works toward getting to boot camp and early release. As he explains in his post, he is mentally ill and is asking for help in getting “beyond the point where he feels he needs to fight the system”. He is in prison for a money crime ( related to gambling addiction). Many prisoners go through years of acting out at every humiliation and find themselves forever with conduct reports, in segregation etc. It is along learn , to learn that “you are captain of your own soul” . Please consider sending him a note of encouragement either by mail or through commenting on this blog. He will be updating his post regularly.
Julius Bonds Julius is another that has remade himself and is working hard at getting parole. His friends call him "BO". he is very lonely.

Jack Bailey 136683
 PO Box 233
Black River Falls, WI 54615
Jack Bailey is one of the some 3-4 thousand inmates convicted before truth in sentencing , eligible for parole consideration after 12 years and still sitting in prison after 30 years. While FFUP works on crafting an elderly release bill that would give a real path for release for prisoners over 55, Jack is trying to open his criminal case, claiming that all evidence was circumstantial. Here is a copy of his Application to the UW Innocence Project and a letter from him. A note of encouragement would mean much. There are many people like Jack in prison senselessly. See our parole blog (underconstruction now) and ( also coming) Read here studies of the growing health care crisis in our prisons due the no parole policy .


Cory Akstulewicz 311424 Milwaukee West Racine Correctional institution PO Box 900 Sturtevant, WI 53177 Cory is bipolar, on heavy medication so a lot of sleeping; explains his day. And his having a lot of trouble with a harrassing officer. The officer sees him as a “trouble maker.” Cory says he is not, but because of his bipolar condition he 'flies off the handle” sometimes. Rough summary of intro: 35, born in Neenah and lived in Appleton. No family contact since 2011. brown hair blue eyes, 5'9”; been in prison 17 years, three remaining. I find Cory a really sweet guy- any nurturing will be well appreciated Julius Bonds 052035; CCI; PO Box 900; Portage, WI 53901 get summary from his blog poems Lorenzo Balli 238265 GBCI; PO Box 19033; Green Bay, WI 54397 I stuck in seg, is one of the most eloqueny men I know. Goes in and out of despair, Is mentally ill but I feel would do very well under decent conditions. Very Aware, a good friend. Luis Trujillo 357959; CCI; PO Box900; portage, WI 53901 - a really sweet. Lonely guy.

Antione Harris 244890
PO Box 900
 Portage, WI 53901
Antione is 38, Cuban and will be released in June of this year. He says he will do “whatever it takes “to make a success of it- please help by reading his submissions and sending him an occasional note of encouragement. He has an 20 year old daughter.

to his post

Juan Quentin Ward 275760
PO Box19033
 Green Bay, WI 54307
 Juan is acutely aware of the injustices in our “just- us” system . He has spent the last to decades trying to prove his innocence, He also helps other prisoners with their legal work and has written a book. It was a particularly struggle for him to endure the system , as it often is for those who see themselves as innocent, and the racism of the system has been hard for him to stomach. Also, Like many others, he has taken his difficult learning and passes it on to the younger inmates. See his blog with essays here:
Juan's Blog:
Juan's penapl post:
Coming:  Essays, writings from FFUP' prisoner consultants This is a growing group of prisoners who FFUP relies on for advice on all our projects. Two of these prisoners are in administrative confinement , are natural Mustafa-EL K.A.Agala; Dennis Jones 23971 WSPF Prince AtumRa Uhuru Mutawakill 225271 WSPF A third is successfully battling mental illness, is an fine artist: her eis his article for the Human arights Day two years ago. DarRen Morris CCI Here are their essays done for panel studying solitary confinement in the US. Feel free to comment on the blog anonymously, we will forward. They would appreciate knowing someone cares.
here are some blogs of other incredible people in our prison
DarRen Morris" goal Setting guide " :
     In Administrative confinement a person can be kept in solitary for unlimited time because they are deemed some kind of threat,. The requirements are vague and this kind of solitary , used around the country in different guises, keeps thousands of people entombed. Many are mentally ill in solitary because the society does not know what to do with them , many are what we call political prisoners- if out, they would be leaders taking the country in new direction.
For the curious

See FFUP web at
mentally ill blog: /
ACLU model unit for mentally ill:

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