Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Timothy Crowley

GBCI; PO Box 19033; Green Bay, WI 54307
 GREAT NEWS! as of 4/ 13 it looks like Timothy will

finally be getting some braille course work!! We will keep you

posted. Peg.

Please leave a nurturing comment for Timothy (we will send to Timothy) or write a note and send –( you may use FFUP return address:29631 Wild Rose Drive; Blue river, WI 53518)

Tim has been working very hard to get out of segregation, he had a good friend in a more mature deaf prisoner celled next to him who helped him work on controlling his anger. He is trying to get braille lessons and work on his GED as sight is getting worse. The prison seems more receptive to helping. A friendly note would help him alot.

Tim: Young And Old
Hello There, I am a young man 34 years old, will be 35 years February 12, 2011, God Willing.
I’ll be brief, I’m hearing impaired and has been all my life and I am diagnosed as usher syndrome which in all actually been part of all my life as well, but never knew until 2007. It consists of hearing impaired and Blindness. So I were informed by doctors that I will need to learn braille and ASL (Sign language)will be appropriate if I choose to live in a deaf community.  ON top of all this I am also considered mentally ill. Through institutions the majority of my life. Out patient at the Milwaukee mental health complex at the age of 15 years. I’ve been in the “system” since the age of 11 but in family court since age of 10. Also my speech impediment is a burden. I tried to explain to a CP that I talk loud due to a hearing impediment. My illness gotten worse as in the month of November I cut my neck, wrists and the nurse clean me up, place me back on observation status. I reopened my wound the 2nd part of that day by biting my vein in my wrist area and lost about a pint of blood. But in October I tried swallow my inhaler, tried to cut my wrist with a staple. But in September I swallow my hearing aides and reopened the wound in my neck. This happened all here at CCI. But treatment facility by name of Wisconsin Resource Center, I cut my neck while on control status, before swallow brow of my eye glasses. All these attempts were uncharacteristic of me. But I done in the past swallow an overdose of pills and tied a noose around my neck and went off my meds  when I suspicion of others plotting against me. I hurt self. I been incarcerated since the age of 19. I am going on my 16th year. Also, I’m still technically court order under 971.16 case 971.17 by judge named John R Strick of Dodge Corr due I battered COS at Waupun the day before my B-say in 1999. I were housed in Mendota for approximately 2 years from 2001 to 2003. I were shipped out do to unstable behavior that were the result of my little brother being murdered and he was murder by someone we grew up with so you can imagine how it effect me . Well , I’ve much more show or tell of me personally, dilemma and complexes
Tim Crowley

I have known Timothy for long time. He is a sweet guy. He tries hard to “do good”and is honest about himself . he is deaf and going blind . He is also mentally ill. Studies have shown that mental illness is common when deafness in children goes unaddressed. Children need the auditory clues to learn how to deal with strong emotions and if there is not nurturing and adequate training explosive acting out is the result.
Like many of the mentally in prison, Timothy has “caught many cases” while in prison. He acts out and is charged criminally and sentenced to longer time. He faces a lengthening of his sentence now for “assaulting a guard” . This can be physical abuse or something like spitting. Timothy was at a new prison and about to start braille and I believe new treatment. He had written me that he was stressed, said he had warned the staff and had tried to hang himself. None of this is being noted as he goes to trial for this new crime. FFUP has contacted his public defender and sent some letter around the time of the incident, hope in that helps.
BOOKS FOR TIMOTHY?At present Timothy badly needs to start his braille course. Hadley School for the deaf is ready to send in all the materials . We are waiting for the prison to agree. GED schooloing also waits for DOC assent. IN the meantime ,we would like to get some big print books to him and he would lso like a text book on American Sign Language . IF you would like to help us buy these, contact FFUP at

In february he wrote this:
Born: Jackson Miss. And moved to Milwaukee WI. Some of my family saty oin tune with me, I am 36 years new, will be 37 years old February 12, 2013. My height is 6’2” and weigh 219 lbs., brown complexion as in African American dreadllocks.
I’ve been incarcerated approximately 19 years. I was 18 when I came to prison.
My original case was a drug case- that were 1995.
I caught numerous outside cases.
I’m visually impairment and hearing impairment
Earliest release date 2016.
My mother had me at age 15 years old. Later on neglect me and my sibling. Physical abuse. I been hearing impaired ever since I were a toddler. I Had to take(care of?) my siblings. I were raised by my grandmother. She been my support my whole life. Now pass. It been very hardship childhood and adulthood. Correctional officers cause physical abuse. I have the show for it. Also I attempt suicide numerous times. But I okay somewhat!
I love to read, write letters, talk with others about movies, music, politics, life in general. Workout. Listen to sports.
I stay up most of the night and sleep most of the day.
My hearing aids do not give all the benefits I really needs. I am losing more of my hearing. Also my vision is getting worse. I will be seeing the optometrist or eye doctor about my field vision. Also I will see a ophthalmologist in March sometime!
My Sight and hearing are results of genetics called retina pigmentitus/usher syndrome. I will go blind and deaf one day. If becoming (completely?) deaf I will have a cochlea implant.
Also I’m mentally ill . I’ve been struggling these issues a long time.
I know I hearing impaired. But later in life diagnose of mentally ill and blindness much later.
I want to finish My H.S.E.D. so I may take some college courses.
I want to be able to guide the youths of the right path. Also , I must get my priorities straight first.
Well, This (page) is out, so I hope it helps
Thanks, TIM

Note FFUP has private blog on assault cases : It should be noted that although there have been an increase in reported assaults on guards this year, there have been no resulting hospitalizations and the DOC is publishing a new definition of assault that will be generally used. FFUP has also received an increase in reports of assaults on prisoners by guards. The mood is tense. We have started a private blog where all these reports are scanned. If you would like to view these, contact FFUP at: I will send you an invite to the blog

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  1. (note for Timothy Crowley)

    Hi Timothy,
    My name is Janis. We're about the same age. I had a really rough childhood too. I'm not sure why life is so hard sometimes but I think if we are kind to one another and lean on each other we can all make it through. I'm going to write to you at the address above but I noticed it was from 2013 so I'm also leaving this comment, hoping it will get to you to let you know I am reaching out. Take care and talk to you soon